Red Hour and Other Strange Tales


Dare to ride with a dark horse at sunset, sail with fishermen who become the catch, or lament the death of living fire.

RED HOUR and Other Strange Tales is the debut story collection of

Australian award-winning author Pamela Jeffs and features nineteen speculative fiction stories exploring the theme of transformation.

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Saloons & Stardust: A Collection


Four Ink Press presents a science fiction collection by author Pamela Jeffs, featuring tales of 'courageous women'.

Immerse yourself in alternate landscapes, from ancient oceans to the weird wilds of western frontiers. There you will find a mechanical dragon feeding on extraterrestrial oil to survive, an undertaker scouring alien battlefields for the dog tags of dead soldiers, the daughter of a pirate forging figureheads for spaceships and chimeras duelling at high noon. This collection also features the Aurealis Award nominated short story 'Cards and Steel Hearts'. Be brave. Open the pages. Explore.

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Five Dragons:

An Dragons of Eridan Collection


An Amberwing mother’s eggs are stolen. The Peace Accords held between human, dragon and merfolk races crumble. Aliens invade the planet and dragons start to go missing. Eridan is a planet in peril.

This speculative-themed collection follows the stories of five dragon breeds. Amberwing, Hydraclaw, Soulslinger, Chronohide and Glamourwing. Each tale connects with the next; a tapestry telling that highlights lives lived against the canvas of a world at war.

Here live dragons. All kinds. Welcome to Eridan.